Home remedies for sore throat

Grace Oluchi

Sore Throat also called (PHARYNGITIS) is a pain or irritation that occurs in the throat due to a viral infection. 

It can be a great inconvenience to our day activities even down to our night rest (what a downer! ) 

The great thing is you’d be learning a few home remedies you can try to help soothe your sore throat.

Let’s Take A Look At A Few Remedies

1 . Rest

Getting plenty of rest and avoiding strenuous activities can help with recovery. So get that rest in.

2 . Drink Hot Liquids 

Regular intake of these form of liquids (Chicken soup, plain hot water, lemon water, peppermint tea) can help soothe your sore throat.

3 . Gargle On Saltwater

Gargling on salt water can help with sore throat

Gargling on saltwater has been proven by many on it’s soothing abilities towards sore throat.

4 . Air Humidifier 

A dry environment can worsen it, so releasing water vapor to increase air moisture can help.

5 . Honey

Honey can help with sore throat

Whether it’s taking a tea spoon of raw honey or adding it to a cup tea, honey can be of great help due to it’s anti-inflammation properties.

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6 . Over The Counter Relievers 

Sore throat treatment

Over the counter relievers such as Ibuprofen (Advil Motrin), Strepsils, and Cough Syrups have anti-inflammatory tracts that can temporarily reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Practicing these remedies can improve the state of your sore throat.  However, if it persists longer than a week or more it’s advisable to see your Doctor.

What causes a sore throat?

1 . Allergies 

If you consume any substance that you’re allergic to, you could develop a sore throat.

2 . Overuse Of One’s Voice

Overuse of voice such as screaming hard during a ride on the roller coaster, or yelling at a concert to get your friend to hear, can invite it, especially when it’s done on a regular.

3 . Cold Weather

Extreme cold air can dry out the tissue in the throat and cause severe irritation your throat. That’s why you need to keep yourself warm during the cold season, wear jackets, hand gloves, and thick pants, to keep your body from being exposed to the cold.

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4 . Constant Intake Of Cold Liquids 

Excessive consumption of cold liquids such as ice cream, and cold drinks can bring about a sore throat. It’s even worse during the cold season, try to make sure you drink less of these things during this time.

5 . Smoking

Smoke irritates the throat by causing it to become dry, red, and inflamed.

6 . Sleeping With An Open Mouth

Sleeping with an open mouth can dry out the throat and cause it to be scratchy.


Sore Throat isn’t imperatively classified as a Chronic Illness seeing that our daily activities can bring about this occurrence.

Although, during the Corona Virus outbreak, it was said to be amongst the underlying symptoms. However, we can not proclaim that developing a sore throat automatically means a person possess the virus.

In Conclusion

We should be mindful of what we take in because everything we ingest can affect our throats in several ways. 

It’s vital that we always maintain room temperature, liquid temperature, the energy we expend during activities, exposure to cold weather.