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Am I Pregnant? Early symptoms of pregnancy

So you’ve started to notice some changes in your body and you’re wondering if you are pregnant. Well at this point it is expected for you to be suspicious about being pregnant, infact Movies , Tv shows have all had a pregnant character and you may have experienced or be experiencing the same things they did.

The thing is , sometimes you may experience one or two signs and not be pregnant but it does not mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the things your body does after a while you had sex or after a period ago of having sex. Let’s look at a few factors that could mean you’re pregnant.


1 . A missed period

This is one of the most common and obvious sign of pregnancy. The moment conception has happened, your body begins to produce hormones that stop ovulation and shedding of the lining of your uterus. This usually means that your menstrual cycle has stopped and you won’t have a period again until your baby is born. 

However, there are other reasons you could miss your period, you could miss your period due to intense exercises, stress, your diet, and hormone imbalance. These are factors that can affect your period regulation.

2 . Increased Urination

Frequent urination could also mean you’re pregnant

You may also find yourself paying the toilet more visits than you  would like. The amount of blood in your body increases during pregnancy which can cause your kidneys to process extra fluid that ends up in your bladder.

3 .  Nausea 

Morning sickness is also one of the signs that you could be pregnant, although, it can occur at anytime of the day or even night. This event often is experienced within the first one to two months after you become pregnant. 

Some women do feel nausea while others never experience it.  The cause of nausea during pregnancy hasn’t even been clarified but it’s still said that hormones likely play a role in it.

4 . Increased Tiredness or Fatigue

Increased tiredness could mean that you’re pregnant

Fatigue is also a common sign of pregnancy. No one knows for sure what causes drowsiness during the first trimester of pregnancy. Many people feel intense fatigue in the early stage of pregnancy. This may be because of high levels of hormone progesterone. Similar to other early pregnancy symptoms, the feeling of tiredness tends to get better in the second trimester (which is often 13 weeks it of pregnancy), however, for some people they tend to experience it again in the third trimester.

5 . Tender, Sore Breast

Tender sore breast could mean that you’re pregnant

In the early stages of pregnancy your hormones can affect your breast by making it sensitive and sore. The soreness may be similar to the way your breast feels before your period. Your areolas (area of your nipple) might also begin to darken and enlarge. You may even need to change your bras due to the fact that your breast would have gotten larger which will make your current bras feel tighter than normal .


There are less obvious signs that you might experience during the first trimester.

1 . Bloating 

While it may take several weeks or months to have a visible baby bump, the sudden increase in hormones can cause your stomach to feel bloated and lead to passing gas a little more than usual. This is also similar to how you might feel at the start of your menstrual period.

2 . Cramping 

You can also experience mild intermittent period- like cramps over a few days.

3 . Acne or switch in your skin.

It’s possible to have an increase in hormones and blood volume during the early stage of pregnancy. An increase in hormones and blood volume are mostly to blame for any skin changes you experience. Have you heard of the term “pregnancy glow” well during pregnancy some people get a clearer skin while some may get more pimples or skin reactions (wish everyone got the glow!)

4 . Mood swings 

The flood of hormones in your body during your early stage of pregnancy can make you unusually emotional and tearful.

5 . Nasal Congestion 

You may experience a stuffy nose in your early stage of pregnancy due to the increase in hormones level and blood. This can resort to the dryness of the mucous membranes in your nose and bleeding. 

6 . Food cravings and food Aversions 

When you’re pregnant, your relationship with food can become complicated. You may begin to crave certain foods or even feel constantly hungry. You might also also become more sensitive to certain odors of things such as food and deodorant. Even your sense of taste might change. 

7 . Headache and Dizziness

You may experience headaches and feelings of dizziness at the early stage of pregnancy. This occurs because of both the hormonal changes in your body and the increase of your blood volume.


It is different for people. Some may feel pregnant within a few days of conception, while others don’t feel pregnant for a few weeks even after confirming the result is positive. Have it in mind that your symptoms may vary from that of others.


The thing is many early pregnancy symptoms can be also be linked to other medical conditions and even your menstrual cycle. Premenstrual cycles tend to be similar to pregnancy symptoms. This can make things a tad bit difficult in being able to tell the difference. A missed period may not mean pregnancy and a missed period could mean that you’re pregnant. 

Even your weight can affect affect your period, If you gain or lose a lot of weight it could affect your period. Stress can also affect your period regulation so make sure you stay hydrated, get enough rest and have a proper nutrition to keep things calm and nice!


You can take a pregnancy test after a missed menstruation. However, it is better to wait for at least a week after you’ve missed  your period to get a precise result. You should keep in mind that even if some test claim to give you an accurate result before a missed period it could still give you a wrong result. Testing yourself too soon can lead to you getting a false negative (testing negative whereas it’s a positive). It’s better to not indulge in such test and just wait for a week before you undergo any form of test. 

The Bottom Line.

Many of these signs and symptoms aren’t always known to pregnancy alone. Things like missing your period, increased tiredness, feeling nauseous, may not always mean that you are pregnant. Some can indicate that you’re getting sick or that your period is about to start. Likewise, you can be pregnant without experiencing many of these symptoms.

Still, if you happen to miss a period and notice some of these symptoms, play your part by getting a home pregnancy test or paying your healthcare provider a visit. If your home pregnancy test happens to be positive, make an appointment with your healthcare provider. The sooner you do that the sooner you can begin prenatal care.

Also keep in mind that if you’ve never been sexually active you will not need to engage in taking a pregnancy test. All these signs and symptoms could mean something else, still you should always visit your healthcare provider if you notice any drastic change (internally and externally) in your body. 

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