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Is It Safe To Eat Placenta? How Does It Taste?

Yes you can eat your placenta. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy though! 

Some turn it into pills or cook it like any other meat, I heard you can even stir fry it with onions 😭 and eat it fresh during childbirth. 

It’s shocking, I know. But humans do it too.  It’s not just for the animals. Women from ancient tribes and celebrity mums have done it too. Are you thinking about doing it?

The Key Takeaway.

You have about eight hours to use the placenta for its “potential benefits”. But scientists haven’t proven these benefits. So, you need to think this carefully. 

What Does Placenta Taste Like?

It’s like beef, only very delicate. People say there’s nothing offensive about it. But, it is quite ordinary, beefy, and definitely not the taste you’re imagining. 

Why Do People Eat Placenta?

Some believe that eating the placenta (Placentophagy) gives a unique mix of nutrients and hormones. They think it helps;

  • Prevent postpartum depression.
  • Boost milk supply.
  • Reduce bleeding after birth and 
  • Provide extra nutrition. 

Interestingly, many other mammals eat their placenta after giving birth, so it’s nature’s choice to some people.

Benefits of Eating Placenta?

People say eating the placenta can give you more energy, more breast milk, a better mood, less chance of depression, better sleep, less chance of anemia, less bleeding after giving birth, less pain, a stronger bond with your baby, and a stronger immune system. 

Don’t forget that there’s no scientific proof for these claims yet. It’s all based on personal stories. 

What About Placenta Supplements? 

Scientists are also looking into placenta pills for other health issues, like sleep problems, swelling, and hormone imbalances. 

The placenta truly has stuff like protein, fats, minerals, vitamins, and hormones called progesterone and estrogen in it but they still have to figure out if these nutrients and hormones in the placenta are in the useful amounts. 

For example, one research found a bit of iron in the placenta, but not enough to help with iron shortage. Another study showed that making the placenta safe to eat might lower the hormone levels and get rid of bad bacteria. But none has been confirmed yet.

Is It Safe To Eat Placenta?

It’s not clear if it’s safe or not. The placenta can carry bacteria and viruses, which may not die during processing. 

We warn it could be harmful to both mother and baby. The main concern is that making pills from the placenta might not get rid of all the harmful germs. 🤔

Deciding on Placenta Use. 

The choice to make and take placenta pills is yours, but the hospital might have rules because placentas are usually thrown away (it’s called medical waste). If you’re thinking about eating your placenta, talk to your doctor or midwife first to understand the possible benefits and risks.

Don’t count on it to fix postpartum depression or other health issues after birth. Instead, watch for signs of depression and know what can cause it, like not sleeping enough or past depression, and get help from your doctor. 

For breastfeeding issues, a lactation consultant can help. And if you have low iron levels or bleeding after birth, see your doctor right away. 

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