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Self-esteem Boost: Okayy It’s Confidence Time


Embracing self love and improving your self-esteem

Your self-esteem is basically how you view and rate yourself. It entails all your beliefs, feelings, and attitudes about yourself and influences how you perceive and interact with the world. No one is born with low self-esteem, but as a person grows up they can begin to think lowly of themselves. And that is how it will continue until they no longer believe they deserve the good things in life. 

Many things can change a person’s perception of themselves, some of which are their upbringing, and lack of resources. You deserve to feel good, and happy with yourself, pursue your dreams, become successful, and have fulfilling relationships. It’s time to get your groove on friend, by knowing the true steps to boosting your confidence again. 

10 Ways To Boost Your Self-esteem 

Stop With The Comparison 

If you’re always comparing yourself to other people you’ll never see your own worth. It’s okay to use people’s success or progress for inspiration to make changes in areas you think are necessary. But never begin to compare yourself or ask why you’re not on their “level”. Everyone is unique and has a different pace of achieving things. Improve on yourself, focus on working on your weaknesses, you’re what’s important not other’s successes. 

Overcome Perfectionism 

You know there’s no such thing as being perfect, we can’t always be 100 percent, why? because we’re only humans, we can make mistakes, we can lose things, these things are inevitable. And when you keep trying to pursue perfectionism and find yourself not being able to keep up, it can ruin your self-confidence. Trying to do everything and be everything can take a toll on your mental health. And you will begin to feel like you can’t seem to get anything right. Listen there’s no such thing as the perfect life, regardless of what you might see on social media. You’re your own person, and your journey to greatness is different from anyone else’s. 

Stop Being Obsessed With Other’s Approval

Stop relying heavily on external validation and approval from others to feel worthy and valued. It doesn’t help your self-esteem. Everyone doesn’t need to tell you you’re doing well before you believe it. If you start to prioritize pleasing others over your own needs and desires, you’ll become a people-pleaser. There are some aspects where you need to get approval of some sort, for example, at work or if you start an online business. But you don’t need a reminder that your life matters, because it does.

Stop Speaking Badly Of Yourself

Never speak negatively of yourself. Constantly engaging in self-criticism, self-doubt, and negative views of yourself can lead to zero confidence. People with low confidence often focus on their perceived flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes, while forgetting or discounting their strengths and achievements. 

Some people believe it’s about being honest, but there’s a difference between identifying your flaws and constantly bringing yourself down. To boost your self-worth stop degrading yourself at every opportunity you get.

Figure Out What  You’re Good At And Develop it

Finding your skill and developing it will unknowingly boost your confidence and your sense of purpose will increase. You’d be surprised at how your abilities and self-esteem go hand in hand. When you gain deeper fulfillment and inspire others around you, it can improve how you view yourself. So go on a self-search and list out the things you know you can do best and water it. You’ll thank yourself.

Practice Self-Compassion

Be kind and understanding toward yourself, especially when facing setbacks or challenges. Treat yourself with the same compassion and empathy you would offer to a friend in a similar situation. When you fail at something, don’t wallow in it and believe that it is because you’re not worth anything. 

Many people fail at things in life, but it doesn’t define you, pick up the pieces, learn from the mistakes, and move forward. Believe that you’ll do even better the next time you go at it. This mindset is great at boosting your self-esteem. 

Practice Gratitude

You may not have everything you need in your life but don’t forget what you do have. Take time to reflect on the things you have and be grateful for them. Get a gratitude journal or any book you want, and make a habit of expressing appreciation for the positive aspects of each day. When you begin to appreciate the little things you have, you’ll appreciate yourself even more. 

Most people who believe that their life sucks, don’t usually have a very high confidence. Because you are your life and when you believe it’s not worth anything, you’d think the same of yourself.  

Work On The Things That Bother You

You might have some insecurities about yourself, sometimes they are things we can’t control, and other times we can change them. For example, if you’re worried about how much weight you’ve gained, you can begin to work on yourself. Weight loss is achievable, and you can do it if you’re really ready to change. When you start to improve on those things you are sad about, you’ll become more empowered. Your confidence will increase.

Check out this article on Weight Loss: Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss you’ll love it. 

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are really important things to have. Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and activities. Learn to say no to things that drain your energy or compromise your well-being, and prioritize activities that align with your values and priorities. Your state of mind is important, and when you place value on it, your self-esteem improves. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Stand By Your Words

One very vital way to boost your confidence is to practice assertiveness. Assertively communicate your needs, opinions, and boundaries with others. Don’t feel like you don’t have a right to point out things if you’re not comfortable with them. Speak up and express your thoughts and feelings respectfully and confidently. 


My Advice To You On Your Self-esteem Boost Journey

Don’t rush your results, because it can take time to grow yourself fully, and besides, there’s more power in starting than you think. The amount of gift and power you’ve given yourself just because you decided to take a stand and put in the work. That’s the rise of your confidence and you’re going to be happy at the end of it all. However, you’re not always going to feel confident and strong every day. 

You could wake up one morning and feel like the worst, and if the same happens it doesn’t mean you’re not doing well. It’s all part of the human experience and growth, what really matters is what you do when this feeling occurs. Do you feed it? Dwell on it? Blame yourself for it? Or do you shake it off and move on Your choices are very powerful and the choice to not let your negative inner thoughts win is amazing. Your self-esteem begins to improve when you decide to improve. 

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