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You have probably heard about Sea moss or have you not? If not so don’t worry we will be telling you what it is in this article and if you do know what Sea Moss is, are you aware of the benefits it may bring you? You will also be finding out (so keep reading!)

The funny thing is enough research hasn’t been done and enough information hasn’t been gotten concerning sea moss and whether it is actually beneficial to us. 

But to give you enough clarity you will be learning about it’s promising benefits due to it being a family of seaweed and sea algae.

What Is Sea moss?

 Sea Moss is a type of algae or Seaweed called Chondrus Crispus, which is known as Irish Moss. 

It is a spiny edible plant that is primarily harvested for use in health supplements and as a thickening agent in Commercial Foods. It grows in water along the rocky Atlantic Coasts, usually between North America and Europe.

The Benefits of sea moss

1. May Promote Weight Loss

One of the Nutrients Sea Weeds possess is Fiber. High Fiber foods are filling which may keep you from overeating.

Fiber has the ability to keep us feeling full for a longer period of time which may help with weight control.

2. Good Source Of Iodine 

Iodine is one of the top nutrients to help maintain a healthy thyroid, but since your body doesn’t make enough iodine by itself, you can supply yourself more through diet. You can get Iodine in Fishes, Eggs and Chicken.

3. May Help With Gut Health

sea moss may improve gut health

Algae, including Sea moss is a good source of life bacteria and fiber which can support a healthy gut microbiome.

4. May help Improve Blood Sugar

(Blood sugar Check)

A study found that the compound Fucoxanthin in sea weed reduced high blood sugar. Red Seaweeds, like Sea Moss  contain zero sugar which makes it safe for diabetics.

5. Help Build Muscle And Workout Recovery 

sea moss might help with muscle recovery

Sea Miss is rich in amino acid, which can help with muscle building. When we workout we get micro tears in our muscle, amino acids can help with muscle recovery.

 Protein is beneficial to muscle growth , and Sea Moss has about 6 grams of protein per 100 grams, which may help you build muscle.

Although, you don’t have to solely rely on it for exercise recovery, you should still prioritize getting enough rest, staying hydrated and eating healthy.

6. It May Boost Immunity 

sea moss may help boost immunity

One study in Antlantic Salmon showed that supplements containing Seaweed improved immune modulation and repair.
More research needs to be done to know whether it supports immunity in humans or not.

However, it happens to contain iron and antioxidants which both can contribute to one’s immune health.

Are there side effects of taking sea moss supplements ?

Sea Moss is mostly regarded to be healthy, but the down side to it is sea moss consists of inconsistent amount of both good nutrients and some less healthy ones.

Sea Moss is a product of its own environment so it’s nutritional value highly depends largely on where it’s developed. It’s said that there is no complete way to know what is in it or how much.

A batch may have a higher potency than the next one says Czerwony.

Some side effects of sea moss

1.Too much consumption of Iodine

You know the saying “too much of something is not good” ? Well the same goes in this context, too much iodine may more harm than good regardless of its health benefits.

As a matter of fact Endocrinologists advise against taking iodine supplements unless it is indicated by your Doctor.

2 .Unpleasant Taste And Texture

To you this may not seem like a risk, but it’s still important to take note of Sea Moss’s slimy texture and fishy taste. 

If you happen to not like sea food, the flavor of raw sea moss is probably not going to be for you. Luckily, it shouldn’t have that much taste in supplement form.

Apart from it’s taste, you may be offended by it’s mouth feel, so it’s better to switch to a different type of supplement if this occurs.

3 . Heavy Metal Content

You must know that Seaweed is known to absorb heavy metals from the water which it grows. So it’s best to keep this in mind and to consume it in moderation.

The Bottom Line

You need to note that even though there seems to be quite a few health benefits on Sea Moss, there hasn’t been any intense studying done on it.

Plenty of research has been done on Seaweed just not specifically on Sea Moss, still it is generally considered safe for consumption and the benefits align with that of other Seaweeds.


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