There is a general expectation of what color a person’s poop should have (which is Typically Brown).
But does having a Green colored poop mean something is wrong somewhere?

Is it a cause for alarm?

Keep reading to know what could be making your Poop Green.

What could make my poop green?

1 . Consumption of greens

 Eating of greens can affect poop color

The consumption of greens (Chlorophyll Plants) such as Kale or Spinach can result to your poop having a green color, other certain foods and drinks can also affect poop color.

2 . Antibiotics

Antibiotics can affect your poop

When taking antibiotics, it can cause a mild change in the population of your intestinal bacteria present in the gut. Due to the influence bacteria (good bacteria) has on the color of a typical stool, a change in bacteria may also mean a change in stool which could be green.

3 . Birth control preventives can lead to a green poop

Medications such as Depo- provera (medroxyprogesterone) has been said to be able to cause a change in stool color (namely green).

4 . Bacterial infection could turn your poop green.

Bacterial infection can cause green poop

According to recent research, a person’s digestive system is said to chemically switch one’s bile from its conventional yellow-green to brown.

So, if your bile can not break down poop as it normally does, it can result to it maintaining a bit of it’s original yellow-green color when it leaves through your stool.

One culprit to this event is the Salmonella bacteria which can cause Diarrhea by forcing your poop to pass through too quickly before your bile gets to change to brown.

5 . Stomach virus

The Noro Virus which is usually contracted by intake of contaminated food and water (including touching a contaminated surface and touching one’s mouth) is well known for causing intense diarrhea and a green feces.

In Some cases a green stool may not be a cause for alarm. 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you suddenly wake to find the color of your stool green. 

All the same, it is advisable to check in with your Doctor if this occurs (and is consistent)

The Bottom Line

It is vital that we maintain a healthy diet and clean environment to regulate stool color.

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