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How To Reduce The Bitter Taste In Any Food.

If making food that tastes bitter was a crime, I’d be locked up for a really long time. 

Bitter taste is important for our sense of taste, and soo many bitter foods are wonderful for your health. But you might not like the bitter taste or sometimes you might make a meal too bitter without meaning to.

No need to stress! I’ve got plenty of tips and ways to mask the bitter taste or make it less strong so you can still enjoy your food.

The Key Takeaway. 

Go ahead and mix different spices and herbs! You might need to test a few to get the right mix that covers up the bitter taste.

Add Something Fatty Related.

Ever wonder why coffee tastes better with milk or cream? It’s because fat can hide the bitter taste and make it nicer to drink.

Use things like cream sauce, milk, cheese with lots of fat, olive oil, or other fatty stuff to make bitter food taste better. 

Get Used To Bitter Foods.

You can get used to bitter foods if you eat them more often. It might not be nice at first, but over time, you won’t mind the bitter taste as much. This is better than always making food sweeter or fattier to taste good, which is very unhealthy. So, you can enjoy bitter foods just as they are, without extra stuff.

Add Some Sugar.

Just like we often add sugar to coffee, a little bit of sweetness can help with bitter tastes. Try adding a small amount of sugar or honey to bitter foods and drinks to make them taste better, but be careful not to use too much sugar!

Add Some Salt.

Salt can help balance out the bitter taste, so go ahead and add a little to your food if it’s too bitter.

Add Something Sour To It.

Sour things like lime, lemon, or vinegar can cancel out bitter tastes. Just add a bit to your food if it’s too bitter.

And if you accidentally put in too much vinegar or lemon, a little baking soda can fix it by getting rid of the sourness.

Baking Soda Works Too!

Baking soda can make food less bitter. Just add a tiny bit to your dish and stir it in. But, only use a little bit. Too much can totally ruin the taste.

Just Cover It Up With Bitter Additions.

If you’re not sure, hide the bitter taste by using many ingredients and just a little of the bitter ones. This way, you won’t taste the bitterness, but you’ll still get the health benefits.

For salads, mix a little of something bitter like arugula with milder greens like romaine lettuce. Add a lemon dressing to make it even less bitter.

Eat It Cold.

If you’re okay with cold food, then this can help. Cold food and drinks usually don’t taste as bitter. That’s why cold tea or coffee can be nicer. If your food is too bitter, put it in the fridge for a while before you eat it to make it taste better.

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