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Why You Need To Shift From Body Positivity To Body Neutrality.

Let’s get real. I don’t “love” my hip dips. And, I don’t want to fix them. I just, mostly do not care about it. Have you ever heard of body neutrality?

A lot of women have hip dips too you know and they happen because of the way our bones are shaped. People say we should just accept them. But it’s not that simple, right?

I’m not even going to say I’m totally fine with mine. These hip dips stand out, especially since I have more boobs. I’ve realized that I need to not care about what my body looks like. Again, it’s not that simple. I didn’t mold myself, and neither did you.

But I like my eyes, nose, teeth, and my tiny hands you know..

Many women are using the hashtag #hipdips on social media to promote loving ourselves and accepting these hip dips. This movement is meant to help women feel better about their bodies and accept their natural bodies.

But for me, the opposite is the case. How about you?

Accepting it sounds like we know it’s weird but welp! We can’t do anything about it than to accept it. And I never paid much attention to my hips before. But after seeing so many different body types, I noticed I have these things.

The dips in the hips that’s causing all these trouble 🙄

They’re not very big. It’s more like I just don’t have wide hips. But I still think about it. A friend of mine, practically has the body we’d all call a hourglass figure. But she’s very concerned about her hip dips.

I believe if we keep telling ourselves to accept every little part of our bodies, we might end up building more insecurities. We could even start feeling bad about the smallest things, like our eye color or how fat or thin our nails are.

Body positive activists, I understand that you want to help. But, I think we should focus on better stuff like not worrying so much about our hip dips instead of accepting it. This is called body neutrality.

What Are the Basics Of Body Neutrality?

Your body is like a machine that keeps you alive. It has all the parts you need, like your brain and heart. It also has your thoughts and feelings, which make you who you are.

Body neutrality is about being okay with your body just as it is. It tells you to think about what your body can do, not just how it looks.

This idea helps you see that your looks don’t decide your value. It also lets you stop worrying so much about how your body looks.

So, you might not always love your body, but you can still be happy and live a good life.

Body Positivity VS Body Neutrality: What’s The Difference?

Body positivity is about feeling great and loving your body, no matter how it looks. It’s all about seeing beauty in everyone.

Body neutrality is different. It doesn’t ask you to focus on beauty or how you look. It just says you’re fine as you are.

With body positivity, you keep talking about your body and how it looks. But not everyone likes that because there’s more to you than your body. Being beautiful isn’t the only good thing about you.

Body neutrality is more down-to-earth. It understands that you might not feel love for your body all the time, and that’s totally fine.

Who Is Body Neutrality For?

Body neutrality is for anyone, but it’s super helpful for people who don’t find it easy to love their body.

It’s about not letting how you look decide how you feel about yourself. It helps you stop thinking that you’re only worth something if you look a certain way.

How Do I Start Practicing Body Neutrality?

  • Stop talking about your body so much. If your clothes feel tight, just wear something else that’s comfy.
  • Change the subject if people start talking about weight or how they look. Focus on feelings, not looks.
  • Eat what you like, including healthy stuff and treats too. Don’t stop yourself from enjoying food.
  • Do exercise that’s fun, not stuff that feels like torture. Rest if you’re tired, without feeling bad about it.
  • If you catch yourself being mean to your body, think about the good things it does for you. Remember how strong and amazing it is.
  • Be patient with yourself. Changing how you think takes time, especially when ads and TV try to make you feel differently.

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