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How Much Body Count Is Too Much For A Woman?

No matter what number a woman says when asked how many people she’s been with, people will have something negative to say. If it’s a lot, ugh she’s such a slut. Too few? I can’t do too few! None? Why? What’s wrong with her?

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What is your body count? The men, they want to know. 

A woman shared on Reddit “I once told a guy that my body count is 10 and he never spoke to me again.”  

Did You Know? 

The term “body count” used to mean how many soldiers died in a war before it became a sexual phrase.

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Most woman feel judged when asked about their body count. They believe men are measuring their value and morals based on the number of sex she’s had. Another woman, Fridah, is fed up with this question too.

On Valentine’s Day, Fridah left her date because he kept asking for her number. She said, “It was very rude. It felt like he was questioning my dignity. That’s a private and offensive question.”

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The question about ‘body count’ has become very common, especially on social media like TikTok and Instagram where it’s a popular topic with the hashtag #bodycount having over 300 million views.

So How Much Body Count Is Too Much For A Woman?

First, the men would not stop asking. I won’t speak for everyone because what’s not acceptable to me can be completely fine with you. So the answers are not linear. 

Personally, 2 to 3 is reasonable, and this mostly depends on the woman’s age. For example, if you’re 20, it would be surprisingly weird if you said you’ve been with more than 10 guys. I mean… you didn’t start having sex at 10 right?

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A Jackson said “It is important for me to know. It is how I tell if you are a loose woman or if you have tight morals. No one will ever say their true count. So if you say that you have been with one man, I imagine that the actual number is two or three. If you say four, then I imagine that the actual number goes up to 6 or even 10. It is worse if her body count is higher than mine. I will keep on imagining why she went out with all those guys. I will wonder how I compare to them, if I am any good, and where I rank in her list.”

He also said that he will break up with his woman if he realizes that she has had more than four sexual partners before him.

Given the men’s obsession, it’s not going to be surprising that many women’s safe number would be three. 👀

People say that women often lower their number of partners by dividing by three, and men do the opposite by multiplying by three.

This habit comes from the belief that men with higher numbers of sex partners are impressive and the women are seen as promiscuous.

The doubting, dissatisfied look on the man says it all.
  • Some people find it ‘disturbing’ when a man asks about their body count. And that they wouldn’t want to date someone who’s concerned with those numbers.
  • Others think a man with only one or two past partners might not be very adventurous or experienced in bed and they don’t want to be in a position where they have to teach him.
  • Then there are those who prefer a man who’s had only five to ten sex partners. They feel that more than ten is too much, but five to ten screams that he has just the right amount of experience.

Basically, we all want to know our lil’ dirty secrets. Sex lives is an EXTREMELY JUICY way to know those secrets.

When the number is “too high/too soon” the woman is seen as loose. But, the men in these same shoes are seen as sexual heroes.

Someone on Reddit said “I think it’s okay for a man to want to know. And vice versa. If you’re going to be in a relationship where “openness and vulnerability” is involved, I see no “IDEAL” reason why it’s suddenly a personal thing to tell or hide. I mean.. if you were proud enough having that amount of sex partners, you should be proud to mention it to your potential future partner. So, if you feel like they don’t need to know, or it’s too personal, or hide it because of fear of being judged, look again; it’s probably because you feel it’s high.” 

It’s all about each person’s point of view right? What do you think?

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