17 Vagina Hygiene Mistakes You Need To Stop Making.

Ugh! Yes another article telling you how to take care of your vagina. Yes, we’re all tired. But since it’s a sensitive part of us, we need to stay safe and take care of it.

Sadly, there’s plenty of wrong advice and risky products around. So, here are some errors to steer clear of.

The Key Takeaway.

Not taking care or cleaning too much can both cause vaginal problems. Use mild and gentle products for your intimate area.

Using Scented Soaps. 

Vaginas clean themselves, but it’s fine to wash the outer parts, the vulva and labia, like you do with your body. Just use soap without any scent. Scented soaps can upset the natural balance inside.


Don’t douche. It’s ‘meant’ to clean your vagina, but it’s not healthy. It just disrupts the natural balance, washing away the helpful bacteria. If you notice bad smells, better to check with a doctor for the real reason why.

Ignoring “the Itch.”

Scratching won’t fix an itchy vulva. It could be from tight underwear, a product you used, sex, infections, or dryness. Don’t ignore it. Figure out the cause. If the itch won’t stop, visit a doctor.

Eating the Wrong Foods.

What you eat affects your vagina’s health. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. Also, cranberry juice, yogurt, garlic, and apple cider vinegar can help stop infections.

Wearing Tight or Wet Underwear/Tampons/Pads.

Keep your vagina dry and airy. Bad bacteria love warmth and moisture. Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight clothes. Change out of sweaty underwear and switch pads/tampons often to prevent bacteria growth.

Trying Trends and Online Remedies.

Be cautious with ‘trends’. Bleaching or online remedies might harm you. Talk to a doctor before trying products that claim to enhance your vagina or sex. They know what’s best for your vaginal health.

Wiping Back To Front.

Your vagina and anus have their own bacteria and it’s best to keep them separate. They’re good where they are but mixing them can cause serious issues for you. 

Staying in Sweaty Clothes.

Wearing sweaty clothes for too long can lead to fungal infections. They create the perfect environment for these germs to thrive. Change out of them quickly to avoid infections in your vagina and other body parts.

Self Medicating.

Don’t self-treat vaginal issues. If something seems off, see a doctor. You can make things worse.

Being Too Clean.

We want to stay fresh and smell good. This can make us worry about body odor, especially during our periods. It’s best to avoid strong perfumes or harsh products. Just wash with plain lukewarm water and unscented soap, ideally twice daily.

Drinking Too Much Coffee and Fizzy Drinks.

Drinking lots of coffee, fruit juice, or fizzy drinks can get bad for you. They can bother your bladder and vagina. If you get UTIs often, try to drink less of these. Some think cranberry juice helps with UTIs. And don’t forget to drink water to remain hydrated.

Falling Asleep After Sex.

Good hygiene is vital before and after sex. Not cleaning up can lead to discomfort because sex can introduce bacteria. Wash up and pee before and after sex to keep bacteria away and prevent infections like cystitis and thrush.

Swimming After Shaving. 

Girl, if you know what’s best for you, you wouldn’t shave/wax before going (pool) swimming. Because your skin is freshly cleaned, it becomes super sensitive making it a hotbed for bacteria infections. Asides that, the pool is full of chlorine and your areas can react harshly to it. Wait 48 hours after hair removal before you swim.

Over Exercising.

Intense workouts can lead to thrush. Too much sweat down there creates a perfect place for it to grow. It’s not the exercise, but how hard and long you do it that can cause the problem. So, it might be a sign to take it a bit easier.

Waiting To Feel Cramps Before You Use Medicine.

If cramps bother you, try taking a pain reliever like Ibuprofen or Advil or even Paracetamol the day before your period begins.


Don’t shave, trim. And don’t use shaving cream. Shaving your whole pubic area isn’t a good idea. It can irritate the skin and small cuts can let in bad bacteria. The hair is there for protection. If you need to, just trim. Avoid hair removal creams; they’re too strong for the skin because they burn off hairs.

Putting Anything Edible In Your Vagina. 

Never insert food like sea salt, vinegar, or garlic into your vagina. Only use treatments recommended by your doctor. Putting edible stuff like yogurt, ice cream and all that for sexual reasons is also a bad idea, as it can lead to serious health problems.

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