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Is Babybel Cheese Healthy?

Babybel cheese is a tasty snack for everyone. But is it good for you? Is it better than other cheeses? 

Let’s talk about that. It has protein and calcium, which are good for you. It doesn’t have many carbs, so it’s okay for diets that avoid carbs. 

But, it has a lot of saturated fat and salt. So, if you have heart problems or high blood pressure, don’t eat too much of it.

The Key Takeaway.

  • Babybel cheese has some things to watch out for, but it also has good stuff like protein and calcium. 
  • The main thing is to think about how Babybel cheese fits into your diet and what you want for your health.

What Is Babybel Cheese?

Babybel cheese is a tiny, round snack that tastes sweet but in a very gentle manner… Each piece is wrapped alone in red wax. It’s made from Edam cheese, which is not too hard and made from safe, heated milk. There are different kinds, like Babybel Light and Babybel White Cheddar.

Is Babybel Cheese Good for You? 

Yes! It is a healthy choice. Babybel cheese has vitamins and minerals that help your body. It’s rich in calcium and protein, which are important for strong bones and muscles.

Mini Babybel cheese is sold singularly, so it’s easy to know how much you’re eating. This helps you watch your calorie and nutrient intake. You can totally have this cheese as part of a balanced diet.

But, don’t eat too much of Babybel cheese. It has saturated fat, which is not good in large amounts. Eating too much can increase bad cholesterol, which can lead to heart problems, strokes, and gaining weight.

Health Benefits of Babybel Cheese.

Great Teeth/Bone Health. 

Babybel cheese is full of calcium. Calcium makes your bones strong. Everyone needs to get enough calcium for their bones to grow and stay healthy, no matter their age. Eating Babybel cheese can help your teeth stay strong too. It makes your teeth tough and keeps the outer layer safe. It’s great for your gums and can lower the chance of getting holes in your teeth and gum problems. Plus, more calcium means less tooth plaque. 

Improves Your Eyesight.

In 100 grams of Babybel cheese, you get 952 IU of vitamin A. Vitamin A is super important for your eyesight. Not having enough vitamin A can lead to losing your sight or even blindness. It also helps your body fight off sickness. If you don’t get enough, you might get sick more easily.

It MIGHT Help You Lose Weight.

Cheese can be part of a diet to lose weight if you eat just a little. Cheese won’t make you slim quickly, but it can help you feel full because it has protein and fat. This will stop you from eating snacks too much. But, you have to eat cheese in small portions because it has a lot of calories.

Nutritional Contents Of Babybel Cheese.

Nutrient per 100mgAmount
Calories (kcal)333
Net carbs (g)0
Fiber (g)0
Sugar (g) 0
Fats (g)28.6
Protein (g)23.8
Cholesterol (mg)95
Source: The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Calories and Fats. 

Edam cheese, like the one in Babybel, has a lot of calories and fat. A 100g serving has 333 calories and 28.6 grams of fat. Out of that fat, 19 grams are saturated fat, which isn’t the best for your health.


But, it’s also full of protein, which is great for your body. It helps fix and build cells, muscles, and bones. Cheeses like string cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella are also good for protein.

Zero Carbs. Zero Sugar.

Babybel cheese has no carbs or sugar, good choice for low-carb diets, like keto.

Vitamins and Minerals.

It’s packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamin A, which you need to stay healthy. Not getting enough can make you feel tired and grumpy.

High In Cholesterol. 

While Babybel cheese does have cholesterol, it’s okay to eat in small amounts. Eating too much of foods high in cholesterol can be terrible for you, but Babybel is fine if you don’t overdo it.

What About Saturated Fats In Babybel Cheese?

To personally decide if Babybel Cheese is good for you, do NOT skip the saturated fats and cholesterol part of it. You should know about these parts:

Saturated Fat.

Babybel cheese has saturated fats. These fats can make your blood cholesterol go up, likely increasing your chance of heart disease.

Each Mini Babybel Original has about 3 grams of saturated fat. Think about how much you eat as part of your whole diet. Be cautious of the amount you eat.


Cholesterol is something your body uses to make cells and hormones. But having too much, especially LDL (the “bad” kind), can clog your arteries and raise your risk of heart problems. It’s best to eat less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day.

A Mini Babybel Original has less than 20 milligrams of cholesterol in each piece. That’s not a lot, so you can fit it into a diet that watches cholesterol levels.

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