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How to tell your parents you’re a therian

“Hey mum, dad, I’m a Therian” 

As easy as it sounds, it is not easy. You might be wondering why it is so hard to tell your parents, family, and friends in general that you identify as a non-human.

Well, my best guess is because it is different from the norm. Your parents believe they gave birth to a human, and not someone who believes they’re non-human. And hearing you tell them you’re not a human being can come as a shock. In the world we live in, children come out to their families and friends as being gay, lesbian, straight, queer, asexual, and so on. But not every day does it happen where a child comes out with the  “I’m an animal” claim. 

It can be a burning issue because you want to be able to live your life as you please. There are many things to put into consideration before you go ahead to reveal what you are to them. 

Key takeaways 

There are things to consider before going ahead with telling your parents that you’re a Therian. And these things will guide you towards your decision-making process. 

Who is a Therian

A person who identifies as a therian is someone who believes they’re therian, basically an animal. The person can also be regarded as a shapeshifter. You might identify as a wolf, housefly, dog, mouse, cockroach, frog, monkey, snake, and so on. Before you out yourself to your parents, you need to understand or consider the following things.

Things to consider before telling your parents you’re non-human


How old are you? Sometimes you might be at an age where you’re trying to figure things out or understand some things. You need to let yourself grow up before worrying about making any grand pronouncements to your family. Being young and going through puberty and hormones can make you imagine some things or assume personalities. 

For example, a child may want to be a teacher at the age of 7, then a doctor at 12, or a nurse at 15, and so on. It’s quite normal. That’s what makes every teenager, and teenage years so interesting. Life choices change with time, and it’s best to allow yourself to grow up and have enough life experiences before making any decisions. 

What are your parents like?

Think of the type of parents you have. Are they open people? Are they interested in what you believe in? Are they understanding people? Are they the patient type? There’s a need to understand the type of parents or guardians you have. 

There are certain characteristics that people have that make it hard to tell them certain things. Even if you love them and they love you, you might share different ideas or see life differently. 

Your relationship with your parents 

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Or is it just mid or average? Are you enduring each other’s presence?  Do you live together? And most importantly do you trust them? You can have a good relationship with someone, but may not trust them. 

You have to think deeply about the current state of your relationship with your parents before you proceed to reveal anything. 

How desperate are you?

Is it urgent that they know what you identify as? Take some time and think about how much you want to tell them. Do they have to know about it, must they know about it now?  You must consider these things. Sometimes you might feel certain things, but may not see the urgency in telling someone. It’s not a bad thing, it just simply means that it is not a necessity at the moment. 

However, if you believe that they need to know about it because things will need to change for you, especially if you live with them, then you may need to reveal it. 

Why do you feel you’re not a human being but an animal?

Why do you feel compelled to not be you? Genuinely ask yourself why you finally believe that you are not a person. Biologically, you’re a human, so what happened that made you believe otherwise? However, you must understand why you feel the way you feel. 

Do you already behave and live like an animal?

Have you been experiencing animalistic behaviors? Let’s say you identify as a frog, do you prefer hopping or jumping around, when you’re heading out? It depends on what species you identify with. Or do you feel you are a cat, do you enjoy scratching the furniture with your “claws” or peeing on the carpet and then hiding on a high shelf where no one can get at you? Do you find it inconvenient to not display your animalistic traits at home? these are things to consider. 

Maybe you’re not an animal?

Think about it for a second. Earthly animals don’t seem to think about “who I am.” Only humans do that. So if you were not human, would you even be thinking about this? This could mean something for you. Maybe you’re going through a phase?

Take some time to think about these things. After putting these things into perspective, you may find it useful when you’re communicating with your parents. 

How to tell your parents you’re a therian

There are two ways to tell your parents you’re an animal or shapeshifter. 

1 . Directly 

Tell them directly that you’re an animal, and the human child they believed they had was an animal all along. This is the quickest and most straightforward way to reveal your animal identity. 

2 . Indirectly 

There’s no subtle way to tell your parents that you don’t identify as human. And it’s difficult to come up with an approach because you wouldn’t be sure of what their response will be. Therefore, the other possible way is to show them. Just start showing them how you want to eat, drink, dress, or sleep. They might get the message and may choose to ask you about it, then you have the chance to tell them. 

Overall, you’ll draw their attention, and this could make things easier for you. 

Life after you reveal to your family that you’re a non-human.

Things will never be the same that’s for sure. Everything will change, and it may be good or bad. However, it will depend on you and your parents. The moment you reveal your identity, your life will change, for both you and your parents. And apart from your parents, your siblings, extended families, and friends may also know of your identity. 

However, the choice to involve your extended family and friends is yours. Only that you may find it difficult to also keep your animalistic characteristics from your friends and relatives. Whatever the circumstances may be, always remember that you chose to reveal who you believe you are. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will my parents think i am mentally unstable for being a Therian?

Hearing someone say they’re non-human is a very unexpected thing, let alone a child they raised in the best human way possible. Your father’s sperm fertilized your mother’s eggs and here you are. There was no animal involved before and during your formation in your mother’s womb. Also when you were being birthed, the doctor or nurse wasn’t a dog or a cat. You weren’t born and raised like a non-human, so it definitely would be very challenging for them to accept. 

An animal never nursed you or fed you or brought you up, so they wouldn’t understand how you believe you’re a shapeshifter.

Should I never tell my parents I’m therian?

The choice remains yours, if you think it’s not worth it to tell your loved ones you’re not human like they are, then feel free to. Unless you feel they need to know, then go ahead. However, you need to know that keeping it from them may not be easy, because your family will be expecting human-like events from you. Such as, having kids, finishing school, marrying a human, getting a job or starting a business, paying bills, and so on. These are things that non-humans can’t do. Which can make it difficult to hide that you’re an animal for the rest of your life. However, the decision to tell them remains yours to make. 

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