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What Is The Average Height For Women

You may have been wondering what the average height of Women is (globally). It’s possible that you may have come across more Tall Men than women.

What Is The Average Height For Women

The thing is the average height for Women varies around the World. It even happens to be that a few African Countries have women who are below five feet than that of the women in Scandinavian Countries seem to be naturally taller.

( Average Height For Women World Wide according to studies is approximately 5.5 (165 cm).

What Could Affect My Height?

1 . Genetics

Genetics play a big role on a person’s height.
If two short people have a child, there is a very high chance the Child will be short as well. The same goes for tall Parents.

A few genetic conditions also affect height and development. In the case of the Turner Syndrome which is a Chromosomal Disorder , it only affects Women and results to women being below average in height.

2 . Lack Of Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

If a child lacks the Human Growth Hormone, it can result to being abnormally short.

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) plays a vital role in a person’s height.

Regardless of where you live, you need HGH to grow and develop normally.

3 . Location

Where a person was given birth to and brought up, can affect their height.

Some Location factors

  • General Sanitation
  • Clean Water
  • Acces To Childhood Vaccinations
  • Nutrition
  • Local Climate
  • Access To High Quality Healthcare during Childhood and Pregnancy

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4 . Sleep

Sleep is vital to our overal Health. It also boost Growth Hormones for normal development.

(Childeren need about 8-10 hours of sleep each night)

Lack of proper sleep for a child can affect their growth process.

5 . Nutrition Is Paramount

A Nutritious diet is crucial during childhood to increase a child’s height.

A diet loaded with nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D and Protein helps with the growth of children.

6 . Family Environment

When a child experiences trauma, it can affect the child’s ability to develop. It’s really important that a child, especially a girl child, be brought up in a positive and caring home to be able to grow properly.

7 . Sex

Your sex as a person also matters when it comes to how tall one would be.
Men in general, tend to be taller than Women.
This is because boys tend to experience a longer and rapid growth than girls.

Boys continue to grow taller until they are 22 while Girls stop growing taller by 19.

The reason can be linked to Chromosomes

(Research came to a conclusion that genetic variants on the X Chromosomes are responsible for a few distinctions between Men and Women including height)

Women tend to have two X Chromosomes which makes them liable to a shorter height

In Conclusion

Each country has it’s own reporting procedures. There are also many factors that can affect a person’s height.
So in all, there may be no accuracy of the height of Women globally.


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