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Did You React After Mixing Ibuprofen with Alcohol?

how long should i wait to drink alcohol after taking ibuprofen? Ever popped an ibuprofen for a headache and then had alcohol? Or maybe after a night out, you took one to help with the hangover. Lots of us do this, sometimes without thinking twice.

But What Happens Next?

Maybe you felt just fine, or perhaps you got a bit of a tummy ache, felt sleepy, or had some other troubles. Mixing alcohol with ibuprofen isn’t usually a big deal for most people, but it’s doesn’t have zero risks.

What To Do Right Away.

Stop drinking and don’t take any more ibuprofen for now. Let your body clear out what’s already in there. Drink plenty of water and wait it out until you’re sure it’s all good.

Before You Go On…

After you’ve made sure you’re okay, you might want to know more about why mixing ibuprofen and alcohol can be a bit iffy, and how to handle pain relief when you’re having a few drinks. We’re going to talk all about that in this article. So, before you grab another pill or pour another drink, take a bit of time to read on – it’s important for keeping yourself healthy.

The Key Takeaways.

  • Don’t mix: It’s a bad idea to take ibuprofen and have alcohol. It can cause belly pain, kidney trouble, and other serious health problems.
  • Give it time: If you’ve taken ibuprofen, wait a full day before you drink any alcohol. This lets your body handle the medicine safely.
  • See a doctor: Not sure about mixing your meds with alcohol? Always best to talk to a doctor.

Can You Take Ibuprofen With Alcohol?

Nope. Mixing ibuprofen and alcohol is a bad idea. If you drink sometimes with ibuprofen, you might be okay, but if you do it a lot, it can mess up your stomach and kidneys. Ibuprofen is for pain, swelling, and fever, and its strong stuff even if you can just pick it up at the store. So, be careful about having it with alcohol. If you’ve just had ibuprofen or alcohol, wait it out.

Risks of Mixing Ibuprofen And Alcohol.

  • Stomach ulcers and bleeding: Both ibuprofen and alcohol can hurt your stomach. Put them together, and you’re more likely to get sores or even bleeding in there.
  • Kidney problems: Your kidneys clean out the alcohol from your blood. Ibuprofen can make it harder for them to do their job. So, when you mix them, your kidneys might not work as well.
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding: If you’re often taking ibuprofen with alcohol, you could be risking bleeding inside your belly.
  • Feeling drowsy/decreased alertness: Ibuprofen and alcohol can both make you sleepy. That’s not good if you need to stay sharp, like when you’re driving.
  • Liver worries: It’s not super common, but sometimes, taking ibuprofen with alcohol can mess with your liver too.

How Long After Taking Ibuprofen Can I Drink Alcohol.

After you take ibuprofen, you should wait a whole day before you drink any alcohol. This gives your body time to get rid of the ibuprofen.

If you’ve been drinking a lot, it’s even more important to wait before popping an ibuprofen. If you’re still feeling a bit drunk, don’t take ibuprofen just yet.

Will Ibuprofen And Alcohol Kill You?

It’s not likely to kill you if it’s just once, but if you keep doing it, it can kill you. The best thing to do is to not mix them at all and talk to a doctor if you need help with pain or if you drink often.

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