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How To Lie Like a Spy And Get Away With It.

Lately, one thing I’ve noticed is that people don’t care much about the truth anymore. Who is it really helping anyway?

Now, unless you have a lying disorder or you’re a professional scammer which I hope you’re not, lying probably doesn’t come easy to you. That’s a good thing.

I don’t want you to start lying, but sometimes lying can really help. It might be good to get a bit better at it.

Okay! Let’s push some DELULU buttons!

The Key Takeaway. 

If you can’t beat them, you join them. If you want to become a top tier liar and fool everyone, here are some tips for you.

Just in case you go too far with your lies and end up in legal trouble, it’s smart to have some money set aside for bail or a lawyer. Don’t say Medspurs didn’t warn you.

Let Your Gut Lead.

If people think too much about their lie, they get nervous and it’s easy to tell they’re lying. Overthinking gives you away.

You don’t need to memorize a bunch of lines. Just trust your gut in the moment. If you follow the earlier advice, lying will come naturally, and no one will notice. If you feel guilty, just tell the truth!


To avoid getting caught in a lie, talk less. Only say what’s necessary. This way, you’re less likely to say something suspicious or show it through your body language.

Defense = Suspicious. So Don’t Be Defensive.

Being defensive shows you have something to hide. If someone questions your story, stay light and casual. Smile to seem innocent. Help them understand by using examples they know, like, “Remember how slow the cashiers were at that store?” This shifts the focus away from you.

Deep Breaths Dearest.

Shaking, swallowing a lot, or looking tense are signs that someone is lying. To control these signs, try steady breathing. Breathing slowly can reduce anxiety, helping with sweaty palms and the feeling of getting caught.

Believe In Your Story.

One big way to show you’re lying is by losing confidence and thinking the other person knows you’re not being honest. But they probably don’t know. If you trust yourself, you’ll likely get away with it. People only spot lies about 50% of the time, so there’s always doubt. Remember, you have the advantage because only you know for sure that you’re lying.

And Add Some Delusion. 

If you want to spread lies, you need to believe your own lies. Spend at least 30 minutes each day lying to yourself. This way, when you lie to others, they will believe you.

A lie is only a lie if you admit it. Your story is the only truth that matters, so believe every word. You might need to be a bit delusional, but you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Stick To Your Story. 

Even small changes to your story can make people suspicious. If you change anything, it can create contradictions and make you seem less believable. But, if you keep your story consistent, even big lies can seem like the truth.

Know your story inside out and stick to it every time you tell it. Just remember, you’re always right. Even if someone disagrees and says they have proof, ignore them or tell them to fall in love with it.


Staying present and focusing on the conversation can help lower your blood pressure and stop your eyes from moving around.

If you stay fully focused on the person you’re talking to and feel present, your message will seem more consistent and believable.

To sell a lie, you need to make and keep eye contact and have good posture. If you look away, slump your shoulders, or look shaken, it can show nervousness or lack of confidence. Honest people don’t act nervous and are confident.

Avoid The Categorical ‘I’ Statements.

Liars often use simple or absolute statements like, “I would never lie,” or, “I’m not that kind of person,” to defend themselves. These are weak and dishonest statements. Instead, giving a detailed response to the specific question makes you seem more honest.


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