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Is A Grower Penis Better Than A Shower One? 

Men seem to put loads of their confidence on the size of their penis and its performance on women.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s not always a negative issue.

Surely having a thicker/bigger one makes it easier to have sex and be good in bed. But I think it’s more worrying for the men if he’s a grower, not a shower. If you don’t know the difference, stay with me.

The Key Takeaway.

Sure you can say that the size doesn’t matter and it’s more about how he uses it to please you. But do you want the WHOA! Or the niceee?

What Makes A Grower and A Shower Different?

These terms (grower and shower) can be confusing if you’ve never heard them before. But they are actually simple.

A grower is someone whose penis is small when soft (flaccid) but gets much bigger when hard (erect). Yessss. The WHOA!

A shower is someone whose penis looks big when soft (flaccid) but doesn’t get much bigger when hard (erect). Simply put, what you see when they’re not excited is what you get when they are. Yep.  It’s the niceee.

How Can You Tell If He’s A Grower Or A Shower?

For some guys, it’s obvious if he’s a grower or a shower, so you don’t need to test anything.

If his penis looks the same when soft and hard, he’s probably a shower. If it gets much bigger or longer when hard, he’s probably a grower.

If you’re still unsure, you can find out yourself by kissing him, doing something sensual, grinding on him, or just touching it. You can also ask him which one he is directly.

Don’t be shy now.

A Grower Is Better. Why?

I believe the one you really want is the grower, who can surprise you.

Of course you can’t choose if your man is a grower or a shower, but there are good reasons to want someone who appears smaller at first.

They Like To Be Mysterious.

When you’re with a grower, it’s like they’re walking around with a tantalizing secret they can’t wait to show off. And let’s be honest, we all love a bit of mystery in a man.

Knowing they have something shocking tucked away gives them a quiet, smacking confidence that’s very sexy. Their subtle, relaxed mannerisms are sweet!

They’re The Best Example Of Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. 

If you’re not your classic “hot girl” type, you’re actually in luck. See, the grower guys, they’ve got a lot going on under the surface. 

I mean they’ve either had hard feelings about their penis in the past or they’re having it now. 

They know that there’s more to a woman than just her looks as they’ve been through something similar themselves.

They’re Modest. 

Growers don’t brag about their assets like some kind of sex god. Nah, these guys, they keep things low-key. They want you to freeze. They don’t want to make a big deal about their “WHOA”. They’re cool with being humble and modest about all these sexual stuff.

It Can Be Your Shared Little Secret.

Growers might not be the most flashy but that’s part of the fun too right? It’s like always opening a gift. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get until you get home. And trust me, it’s always going to be a wild ride.

You’ll Feel Way Sexier and Powerful.

There’s just something extra hot about a grower, and it’s all because of you. It’s like turning a caterpillar into a butterfly with just a few of his choice touches.

*Snaps fingers*

Him moving from ‘uh, are you sure?’ To ‘WTF!!’ Is like having superpowers.

Built-In Tension Reliever For Your First Time Sex

When you’re about to get popped, seeing a shower’s penis can be so scary, especially if you’re worried about how painful it’s going to feel. With a grower, psychologically, you will not have to worry about it so much, because his can adjust to the situation.

They’ve Got the Steeze (Confidence).

Growers are more relaxed and confident. In fact, a lot of women say that showers can be real jerks, ask Reddit. But they say the growers, are cool as a cucumber (before it turns into a pickle) and they don’t need to show off.

They Can Understand Your Insecurities. 

Growers know what it’s like to have insecurities. Like I said before, they have or have had a hard time with a HUGE insecurity of their own. When they’re not in the mood, their penis can look tiny, and that’s really tough to accept if you ask me. But they learn to love their bodies, and that’s the kind of man you’ll want to want.

They’re not going to make fun of you for your love handles or your thigh gap because they’ve been there. And that makes them good husband material, am I right? 

Now, how do I have a normal day without thinking about the fact that I wrote about penises? 😂😂😂

LMAO, I’ll probably be seeing schlongs in my sleep. But hey, I made some puns AND learned about self-love. That’s a double win. And let’s face it, I’ve got some pretty spicy knowledge up my sleeve now. (>ᴗ•)

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