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VShred Diet: Hit or Miss?

You might have seen VShred’s ads on social media. VShred is a set of online fitness and diet plans. Vince Sant, the face of VShred, shows up in a lot of videos, and you’ll see stories of customers who got in shape in 90 days. 

You could shed some pounds with VShred, but it’s not that simple. 

The diet plans seem to get more complex the more you look into them. As a doctor, I can tell you it’s tricky. VShred’s ads talk a lot about hormones, metabolism, and a special weight loss trick they say was found at Harvard. They claim this trick is a secret that most people don’t know.

The Key Takeaway.

They say this VShred trick lets you lose weight easily, but only if you’re really committed to quick results. Medspurs to the rescue now!

What Is The VShred Diet?

VShred believes that your body type should guide your eating habits. They focus on three main body types:

  • Endomorphs- people with natural fat and muscle: They tend to gain weight more easily.
  • Ectomorphs – lean people: people who find it harder to gain weight.
  • Mesomorphs – the in between: they can easily gain muscle and lose fat.

VShred has two diet plans:

  • Carb Cycling: aims for both muscle gain and weight loss. It is alternating high and low carbohydrate days.
  • Counting Macros (Protein, Carbs, Fat): This one focuses on tracking specific nutrients to meet your goals.

VShred provides basic meal plans for these diets.

  • These plans are made to be direct and include everyday foods you can find at the supermarket.
  • The foods such as sweet potatoes, blueberries, and chicken breast.

VShred also offers customized meal plans if you’re looking for something made for your specific needs. 

How Much Does The VSred Diet Cost In 2024?

The price for each program falls between $99 (which usually goes for $47 when on sale) and $230 (which usually goes for $57 on sale). But, keep in mind that there are additional offers related to the meal plans and supplements.

Does The VShred Diet Really Work?

You might lose weight on the VShred diet, but that’s likely because it’s a low-calorie plan. When you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. And, losing weight doesn’t always mean the diet is healthy or right for you.

VShred claims they have a weight-loss method endorsed by Harvard, but this method is based on the hormone irisin, which hasn’t been studied much since 2012. 

As a Doctor, I see this lack of research as a warning sign. 👀

VShred also mentions TRPV1, a receptor linked to a type of fat that could burn calories. But, studies on TRPV1 have only been done on mice and in test tubes, not on humans—another concern. 👀

Plus, when VShred cites studies and positive reviews to back up their diet, most of the research are non-conclusive. No thorough studies have been conducted on the VShred diet itself.

Is the VShred Diet Healthy?

When we talk about “healthy,” it’s not just about how you look. There’s a lot of definition that sums it all up.

This diet focuses on “carb cycling” and “macro tracking.” You do a lot of measuring and recording what you eat. And honestly, they’re not simple ways to eat.

The VShred meal plans are quite strict and seems to favor European foods. But what about other cuisines? Not everyone can easily follow this Eurocentric diet. It’s also low in calories. 

Honestly, I wasn’t convinced by the company’s testimonials.

So, I’d say it’s most likely unhealthy. Your eating habits should be sustainable for you. It’s about finding what you can stick to without feeling overwhelmed.

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