Your Body Is Trying To Warn You!

You know that random, persistent abdominal pain you use a simple paracetamol for? Yes. That one you even laugh about. It really could be appendicitis. It could be cancer. It could be a million and one things.

If you haven’t gotten a check-up, the small health issues you overlook could turn deadly, or you might have to take medicine forever if not caught early.

I’m not just talking about stomach aches. These are 5 important signs of incoming trouble many people have and think they’re normal, but you shouldn’t ignore them because your body is trying to warn you.

When you see a doctor, they just deal with the symptoms you mention. They might say it’s one thing or another and give you medicine for it.

Hypertension? Just take this medication. 

Abdominal pain? Just take this medication. 

Instead of just taking medicine and going home, you should really try to find out the root cause of your health problems.

Chronic Fatigue. 

Chronic fatigue can be caused by many issues, such as cancer, low blood iron, muscle pain diseases, not exercising enough, joint inflammation, glandular fever, or thyroid problems.

Taking medicine won’t help if it’s not the right one for the actual problem causing your constant fatigue. Sometimes, you might not need medicine at all. In fact, the wrong medicine could be bad for you. It’s best to get a full health check to find the real reason for this fatigue.

Sudden Weight Loss. 

It could be a number of things. Such as heart problems, cancer, Crohn’s disease, an overactive thyroid, type 1 diabetes, Addison’s disease, or not getting enough nutrients.

If you’re an older adult and you lose more than 5% of your weight in 6 to 12 months without trying, that’s a red flag. You should be extremely suspicious. 

Persistent Weakness. 

It might be because you’re not getting enough iron, or you have anemia, low levels of sodium, magnesium, or vitamin E, an infection, sleep apnea, not enough vitamin B12, diabetes, a stroke, kidney disease, or not enough potassium.

Again, you should get a proper check done. 


Did you know when you have diarrhea it’s mostly as a result of food poisoning? Or eating something that doesn’t agree with your body. It can also happen if you have low zinc or as a side effect of some medicines.

It might also be from a virus or bacteria, parasites in food or water, or it could even be colon cancer.

Many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause diarrhea. Eating too many grains or traveling frequently might expose you to parasites that lead to diarrhea.

Persistent Stomach/Abdominal Pain. 

Eating healthier and cutting out junk food will fix most of your belly pain. That will handle 95% of your stomach or abdominal pain right there. If it doesn’t, you might have kidney or gallstones. You’ll need an ultrasound to know for sure.

Kidney stones can hurt in the stomach, not just the back. It could also be too many bacteria in your small intestine, appendicitis, parasites from food or water, constipation, or even cancer, though that’s not common. It might also be an ulcer, gallbladder issues, a muscle strain, a blocked bowel, acid reflux, or even an internal injury.

Hey, take care of your body and don’t overlook these 5 warning signs. If a doctor won’t give you a full check-up or brushes off your concerns, find a different doctor who will.

Even if you’re given medicine, you should consider whether it’s treating the real problem or just hiding the symptoms, which could make the underlying issue last longer.

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