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20 things teenagers need to know before the age of 20

There are  20 things teenagers must know. Whether you’re a teenager or a parent reading this article, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re here. 

Everyone talks about being in your twenties, thirties, and so on. However, teenage years aren’t discussed as much; at least in my opinion. Your teenage years are a very important part of your life, dare I say the most important? It’s a stage you learn, and grow into the next phase of your life. 

You’re young, but at the same time you’re grown, and this decade of your existence can shape your outlook on life. 

Listen up, anyone can learn anything at any age or stage in their lives, as long as you’re alive, you can make changes. 

Your teenage years are a very beautiful part of your life like it’s really beautiful. And it’s up to you to keep it that way. Don’t waste your time doing things that will affect this beautiful stage. This is a time to make a difference in the years to come. 20 things can help offer you guidance during your teenage years. I’ll be real with you, your teenage years are very sensitive, and so will you be as well. That’s why you need to know these 20 things before reaching the age of 20. 

20 things every teenager must know before the age of 20.

1 . Don’t gossip 

Many people gossip, regardless of their age, so it’s not peculiar with young people. However, gossiping is still linked to young people, or at least they say it starts from a young stage. And they grow into it. You don’t need to do the same, gossiping about someone else doesn’t do you any good, and you know what? Whoever you’re gossiping with will likely gossip about you! Speaking negatively behind someone’s back is wrong, and if you’ve been doing it, stop. Avoid spreading rumors, feeding rumors, or speaking negatively behind their back, or mocking them, it is uncool. You’re better than that, you’re made for bigger things you know, so stick to that. This is one of the 20 things to note.

2 . Don’t gossip at school 

Bet you didn’t know people only gossip at school but keep it away from home and vice versa. Whatever you do or whoever you are in high school, will always be remembered by everyone. Have you ever heard adults speak about a classmate or schoolmate? they likely always still refer to the image the person had before graduation. And whoever the person was will always be remembered by anyone who meets them years later.

If a girl or boy was always unhygienic at school,  that is how they will be remembered even till they’re married or become a parent. It might seem unfair, but that’s the reality of things. This is why you should refrain from indulging in certain behaviors, so you don’t leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. 

3 . Not every teacher has to like you

Most children tend to seek their teacher’s favor or become their favorite. But it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to try so hard to make your teacher love you. It is better to earn their trust and respect, don’t bother with such u. When a teacher trusts and respects you, it gives you a sense of responsibility and confidence, which is super valuable as you go in life. 

If you chase your teacher’s love, you’ll end up losing your sense of self-respect, especially if they never give you what you want.  Why not focus on getting to school early, finishing your homework early, working on your projects, asking questions, and many other things? And who knows, your teacher might take a liking to you. These are more valuable than cracking your brain on how you’re going to make them like you.

4 .  Forget about popularity 

Who cares about being popular amongst kids like you? Understand that you’re all children, and you’re all in school to learn. Whether other kids choose to idolize other kids at school, don’t bother about that. Being the popular kid in 10 or 12 grade doesn’t equal prosperity in your adulthood. At some point, everyone will go their own way, after all, you’re not all going to be together forever. 

True that it can feel good to be adored by your peers, but think about it for a second, does it matter? How much can it change my life as I grow older? Wouldn’t it just become something to reminisce about after some years? There are far more things to pursue at high school and in your teenage years, than being the “cool kid”.

5 . Create a study routine

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not just about studying but creating a routine for it. Many teenagers know they should study, but don’t know HOW to do it. Have times you study, don’t just study whenever or however. Being organized is    Key. Therefore, doing so will create a sense of accomplishment, and everyone at home will know better than to give you your space. 

6 . Learn to enjoy your own company

Sometimes go out to the mall, a restaurant, or a park by yourself. While most teenagers believe these activities should always be done with their friends, this is not entirely true. Enjoying your own company is very important, especially when you’re young. However, many people may think it’s something a loner would do or would call you a loner, but it’s not true. What it does is help build your confidence, and help create a sense of self-worth. It may not seem like much, but you’ll thank yourself in years to come that you practice these 20 things.

7 . Learn the art of calmness 

Most teenagers are known to be “all over the place”, while it’s not a bad thing, it also helps to be calm as well. Some teenagers are naturally calm, and even if you weren’t born that way, it’s okay. What matters is that you understand that it’s okay to be relaxed sometimes, quiet, walk slower sometimes, speak calmly sometimes, and so on. This isn’t you being someone you’re not, it’s about adopting some quite cool characteristics. 

8 . Question things 

Learn to question things or people sometimes, even your parents. You get to learn and understand more. Things don’t always have to fly past you, without taking an interest sometimes. If you’re being told to do something, especially if you’re not comfortable with it, ask politely why you’re being asked to do it. It’s okay to ask WHY, it doesn’t mean you’re rude or disrespectful. 

9 . Have conversations with your parents 

Your parents were once your age and were once at the stage you’re now in. So, why not ask them questions about their teenage years? Tell them to be as honest as possible with you, because you’re trying to understand things more. When you tell them things, it can help them become more honest with their answers. Apart from your parents, you can also ask your older relatives, about their lives as a teenager. Be more specific with your question/s, so they can give you a more detailed answer. Understanding the lives of those who came before you, whether their mistakes or accomplishments, can offer some insight. 

10 . Avoid forcing friendships 

A person you would like to have as your friend, may not want to be yours. And that’s okay. There is no need is force a friendship when the other person does not want it. If you’re the one always approaching them, and they never do the same, it might be a sign. As humans, when we like something, we always want to have it around us, the same goes with people. When we like someone, we want to hear from the person, see the person, and just hang around with them. So, therefore if someone doesn’t reciprocate your interest, you should stop. 

11 . Be liberal 

Try to be cool with everyone. Yes, you may have your people; because not everyone can be your people. But, it’s good to be someone that can hang out with other people as well. Don’t limit yourself to certain people, or allow your world to revolve around them. Always remember that you are your person, and they should know that as well. It’s not that easy, no lies, but you can start by taking small steps. 

12 . Master the art of saving money 

Learn to save money. You have no idea how useful this habit will be for you in the future, and even as a teenager. Saving money is a habit that many don’t have, but if you cultivate the habit of saving, you’ll see results. Especially as a teenager, it’ll help you feel more productive, and responsible when you save. Also, it can help lessen the amount of times you ask your parents for money. 

Imagine you go to the mall, and see a beautiful dress on sale, but your parent says they’re not buying anything for now. That can hurt a lot, but imagine you have some money saved and you’re able to get it for yourself. And when they ask you how you simply tell them you saved for it. There are other times your saved money can do something for you, so remember to start saving today. 

13 . Love yourself

There are many ways of showing yourself love. Such as doing the things you know are beneficial for you. When you get something wrong or do something wrong, avoid thinking you did it because you’re incapable of doing something right. Everyone makes mistakes, there is no perfect person, always remember that. Therefore, pick yourself up, learn from it, and move on. 

14 . Value your mental health 

Mental health isn’t a term that is meant for adults or older people. Every person should value, and protect their mental health. As a teenager, your mental health should be protected by you and your parents. But take the power into your own hands, don’t rely completely on your parents to do it for you. And, firmly and respectfully call out anyone who threatens it. Because, if you always allow these things to happen, they’ll come back later on, and sometimes they never really leave.

15 . Eat well 

Being a teenager doesn’t mean you should eat carelessly. Nutrition should be practiced at any age to avoid chronic health problems. Teenagers are being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. So, avoid thinking that these health issues are for the older ones. Anyone can get sick, which is why you should learn the value of healthy eating, a very important thing to note amongst these 20 things.

Check this article on healthy eating.

16 . Don’t obsess over your body or diet 

Many teenagers deal with body dysmorphia, and their parents don’t even know it. Which is why they develop eating disorders and image issues. Forget how other people look, and focus on being your best self. Maybe, you wish you were taller, or curvier, or slimmer, had more body weight, longer hair, and so on. Whatever it is, you were born with this body, and instead of thinking about why you didn’t have ABC, work on how you can make your own body healthier and happier. Pay more attention to your health, and lifestyle choices than what Jessica or Jacob looks like. Have fun by creating a small skincare routine, and pamper your skin with some cucumber and honey, drink water, and stay fresh!

It’s normal to feel hurt that you don’t look a certain way, but dwelling on it doesn’t help you. You’ve got more important things to work on, and more amazing things to discover about yourself. Why not choose to explore your awesomeness?! 

Remember comparison is the killer of uniqueness 

17 . Stop procrastinating 

Procrastination is a very dangerous habit to have, it’s so dangerous that it can keep you from ever achieving anything in life. You’ll keep procrastinating to do something until there’s no more time to do it. As a teenager, do not practice it. Do things now, make a move now, don’t wait for later. There are things you can choose to do later. However, constantly procrastinating is bad, if it is time to do something, do it, don’t procrastinate. 

18 . Use social media with caution 

Social media can be fun. The likes of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on can be entertaining, but at the same time dangerous. Why? Because social media can steal from you, and what can it steal? your time, especially if you’re more of a consumer. Social media can be used productively, such as starting a small business, being a creator, and so on, but even with that, it’s still important to take breaks. It doesn’t have to be your morning, noon, and night routine. Pick up a book and read, play outside, take walks, listen to music, and so on. Connect with nature, and with yourself. Practice mindfulness at different times of the day. 

19 . Move on

Your teenage years shouldn’t be spent dwelling on something that happened, or something someone did to you, or something you did to someone else. Work it out with yourself, or whoever is involved, and move on. It is commonly known for teenagers to overthink things that happen, especially at school, sometimes they never even get over it. But you got to. Don’t sweat it. Move on with your life, because there are still mistakes to be made, so why don’t you start practicing on how to make fewer mistakes? Instead of overthinking about something that happened. 

20 . Be grateful 

Gratitude is a very beautiful trait to possess. Be thankful for what you have, and work towards improving your life. Grateful people are still ambitious and willing to work hard, so don’t think being grateful means being laid back. What matters is that you are appreciative of where you are, and how far you’ve come. Being grateful also helps improve your self-esteem, because you appreciate your worth, without thinking you’re not enough. 

Lastly remember to have fun, and enjoy your childhood. Don’t grow up too fast, but don’t grow up too slow either. See these 20 list of things as a guide, because it’ll be your supper power as you venture into your twenties, and so on. What’s more, these are 20 things people in their twenties and thirties don’t know. 

Adopting certain habits, and growing with them, can shape your tomorrow. Live, laugh, and love. And remember that there is beauty in everything, including yourself.

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