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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Rest Time, When To Workout + Recommendations. 

You can get back to your workouts after having a wisdom tooth removed. It’s not a total no-go, but timing must be right. The question is, “When is it safe to start working out after wisdom teeth removal?”

After you get a tooth out, you stick to soft foods for a while, right? It’s the same with workouts. You need to give it some time before you hit the gym or the jogging track. Your mouth needs that break to heal up properly after the extraction.

The Key Takeaway.

Workouts or doing stuff that shakes you up can cause dry socket, and this will mess up your healing and will hurt you badly. If you had your top wisdom teeth removed you can workout after 5 days and if you had the bottom one removed, you can workout again after 10 days. If you feel any discomfort after resuming your workouts, stop immediately and wait for a few more days. 

Why You Need to Rest After Wisdom Tooth Extractions.

Getting your wisdom teeth out is a big dental operation. You’ll probably be given some strong medicine to make you very sleepy. After the teeth are gone, they leave open spots that bleed, like wounds. You have to take care of these spots so they clot and heal right, avoiding a bad problem called dry socket.

If you do things like workouts, it can mess with your mouth’s healing. Right after the teeth are pulled, you’ll bleed quite a bit for a day. You need to keep putting new gauze on the spot and chill out to help the blood clot form.

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Rest For 24 Hours.

If you’ve been given anesthesia for dental surgery, don’t do any physical stuff for the day. You’ll be too sleepy and probably won’t want to anyway.

You should skip working out for 24 hours after your wisdom teeth are pulled. It doesn’t matter if it was a simple job or how many teeth were taken out. This recovery time is so important for healing and making sure a blood clot stays okay. Make sure to rest and change the gauze when it gets full of blood.

Again, don’t lift heavy things or workout or even bend over, because they can make your healing process worse. 

Don’t Workout? Got It. But When Is It Safe To Workout After My Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Deciding when to start exercising again after wisdom teeth removal depends on a few things: 

  • How many teeth were taken out? 
  • How complex was the surgery?
  • What kind of exercise do you want to do?

When you’re ready to exercise, begin with easy stuff that doesn’t shake you too much, like lifting weights. 

Note that If you only had the top wisdom teeth removed, you can start exercising earlier than if you had the bottom ones removed. That’s because taking out the top teeth is less rough on you.

Top Wisdom Teeth. 

You can do some light exercise about 5 days after your top wisdom teeth are out. But if you feel any pounding, pain, or bleeding while working out, stop and give it a few more days to get better.

Bottom Wisdom Teeth. 

If you had your bottom wisdom teeth taken out, you should not do any sports or heavy exercise for at least 10 days. The bottom teeth needs more time to heal because the bottom jaw is tougher. Sometimes, even 10 days might not be enough, especially if the surgery was really tough (like if they had to cut bone to get the teeth out).

What Do We Recommend?

  • Running or jogging: Wait at least 3 days before you start, and take it really slow.
  • Weightlifting at the gym/home: Give it 3 to 5 days before you lift weights.
  • Yoga or Pilates: You should wait at least 24 to 48 hours before doing these.
  • Swimming: Stay out of the pool for 5 to 7 days.
  • Dancing: Wait for at least 5 days before you hit the dance floor.

Listen to your body and your dentist’s advice. If you feel something off, give yourself more time to heal.

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