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Survivor Mental Health Tattoos Inspirations. 

Imagine trying to make someone who’s never had trouble breathing to understand what an asthma attack feels like? Exactly, they can’t get it. and that’s why we with mental health issues stay silent.

But, mental health tattoos, they sure make a strong point. They show your real emotions instead of shoving them away and people with similar issues can understand you.

Okay don’t misunderstand me now, you don’t have to have a mental illness/issue to get any of these tatted. Just look through them, and if you like any, you should get it tatted.


These tattoo images are just for getting ideas. Please respect the artists’ work and don’t copy them. If you like what you see, support the tattoo artists by getting the tattoos tatted by them.

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The Key Takeaway.

Getting better in the mental health aspect needs a big load of effort. Tattoos about your mental health can tell the story behind your journey.

These tattoos are very personal feelings, and you should pick with care, so you don’t regret it.

Deep Survivor Mental Health Tattoos Inspirations + Meanings.

Siempre Valiente (Always Brave).

Tattoo by Wilted Cosmos.

This tattoo is for those who get the anxiety/panic attacks. It’s a reminder that those overwhelming feelings are just in your head, and you’re stronger than them. To be honest, you have soooo much more courage than you realize.

Be Kind.

Tattoo by Lifelines Tattoo.

Very simple: always show kindness. Treat others gently because everyone is fighting their own battles.

In My Feelings Era.

Tattoo by Tttypoholic.

This tattoo shows being in touch with your emotions. It’s about owning how you feel, the good and the bad.

My Mental Health.

Tattoo by Inkette.

People lately can be thoughtless and hurtful. This tattoo is for anyone who feels lost or like they just exist. It’s your reminder to put yourself first and find your happiness.

My Dark Days Made Me Strong.

Tattoo by Rock Of Ages Tattoo Studio.

If you’ve always been strong or your tough times have made you strong, this tattoo is proof that you’ve faced challenges and got stronger.

What If I Fall?

Tattoo by Elrose Tattoo.

If I were a butterfly, (look at how tiny they are compared to the size of the earth) I’d be so worried the wind will be too much for my wings. This tattoo asks, “What if I fall?” but also whispers, “What if you fly?”

Ambigram (I’m Fine/Save Me).

Tattoo by Sacred Groove Tattoo.

Those who hide their pain behind an “I’m fine,” this tattoo is a silent cry for help. When read from another angle, it shows a plea: “Save me.” Cool?

Even In Darkness.

Tattoo by Abitatts.

It shows a woman holding her brain in the midst of skulls. This tattoo says to value your mind and find peace in caring for your mental health, even when you’re surrounded by dark things/thoughts.

Mental Health Is Just As Important.

Tattoo by Billy Haydock Tattoos.

This tattoo is a soft reminder that taking care of your mind is as important as taking care of your body.


Tattoo by Moodscapes.

It’s a strong sign of survival and victory. It screams coming back from the edge of an iceberg with strength, and victory.

Bumble bee.

Tattoo by Darcyrae.

It shows a bumblebee lifted by a balloon, saying that sometimes we all need a little help to rise again when we can’t.

The Soldier.

Tattoo by Dom n ink.

This tattoo carries those who have scars from personal battles, like from trauma or self-harm. It’s a badge of endurance.

Read Between The Lines.

Tattoo by Sammygtattoos.

Similar to “The Soldier”. This also speaks to the hidden struggles of mental health that has left visible scars.

Love Me For Who I Am.

Tattoo By Yari Dree.

It’s simple; you deserve love just as you are, without changing a thing.


Tattoo By Black Torch Tattoo.

This tattoo shows the suffocation of mental health struggles but adds a cross to show faith in God that you’re never alone and always enough.


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