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The Low Ebb. Here Are The Things You Should Do.

I’ve been feeling really lazy and down. I’m not excited about anything, and this has been going on for months.

I could stare at a wall all day. That’s how bad it got.  But, that would make me feel worse because I’d be thinking about the writing I’m not doing.

I love writing, I’m a freak for writing.

But, I’m not feeling good mentally these days. I know I should start writing again and tackle the tough tasks, but I just can’t find the motivation or the desire to do so.

Don’t get me wrong though. I have a lot of ideas for articles and two unfinished books. They’re all ready to go, but I can’t bring myself to complete them.

You might suggest watching movies or reading books to relax, but honestly, they just irritate me.

I’ve also been eating poorly, doing things I know are bad for me. I’m aware they’re harmful, but that doesn’t help me change my habits.

Weird.. but I know the steps to feel better…

  • Go to bed early.
  • Stay focused on the moment.
  • Eat healthy and cook my own meals.
  • Clean up the mess I’ve made by putting things off: tidy the house, answer emails, return calls, go to the doctor.
  • Write and get my work out there.

If I do these things every day for a week or two, I’ll be back on track. But it’s just so much easier to not get started.

Even if I follow through, I might still feel a bit down, but I’ll be full of ideas and working hard till 4am again, even forgetting to eat, sleep, or wash my clothes.

But that’s in the future. For now, I’m stuck feeling down and weak.

How To Get Out Of The Low EBB?

Don’t Fight It.

Some days you feel full of energy and ideas, and other days you just don’t. It’s normal, and it’s better to accept these ups and downs instead of fighting them. If you fight against the ebb days, you might lose the good energy altogether.

Why Not Stop the Self-Criticism?

Before, I used to think a day without much tasks completed was a personal failure. I felt like everyone else was getting things done except me. This kind of self-blame just made it even worse to do anything, and it turned into a cycle of always feeling bad.

Make a List Of Ebb Tasks and Flow Tasks.

I start my day trying to do the task that’s most important to me. If it works out, that’s great, I get closer to my goal.

But if I’m not getting anywhere, I admit it might be a low-energy day when I can’t be creative. So, I switch to simpler tasks like answering emails, talking to my followers about their mental health or doing chores.

This way, I still achieve something, regardless of my mood. Sometimes, this even leads to a sense of achievement that motivates me to go back to tasks I couldn’t complete earlier.

Let’s Face It, You Know What You Need To Do.

This approach isn’t a fix-all, but it’s a helpful strategy. We all have limits to our energy, and there will be low times. 

You’re aware of what makes you feel good. Think of those actions and deal with this feeling by doing them.

You’re Okay. 

You’re fine just as you are. We feel bad for having normal feelings, and it makes us uncomfortable. We think we’re messed up, something’s not right, and we need to sort it out.

But if we’re kind to ourselves, we will remember that life isn’t always great.

We can let ourselves be sad, let down, or scared because of tough times without thinking those times are terrible.

We all wish life was only happy, but if we accept everything, the ups and downs, we’ll handle life’s changes better. Keep trying; it pays off.

When I’m feeling better, I’ll update this article by sharing the things I did.

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