Dealing with rejection: A guide to bouncing stronger.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be rejected, but unfortunately, rejection is kind of inevitable. And honestly, it can feel like crap. 

Do you like that girl? that boy? hoping you get accepted into your dream college? Or get your dream job? Waiting to get picked for a scholarship? You see we’re all expectant of something, and it can feel terrible when you don’t get it or get picked for it. 

However, when you face rejection, does it mean it’s the end of the world? Nope, does it define your worth? Nope, will it mean you’ll never be happy? Life is all about ups and downs, and what’s important is that you choose to bounce back. See, there’s a song that’s titled “You can’t always get what you want”. This is quite true, if you understand this phrase, it’ll help you make rejection less of a deal. 

You gotta understand that every person has gotten rejected in one way or another, even those people you look up to and admire. Therefore, shake it off and move on with your life. 

I know you’re probably thinking  “Yeah easier said than done” True it’s not easy to do it, but is it impossible? No, it isn’t. You can become stronger and better by being rejected, it’s just your view of it that matters. 

Key takeaway 

Rejection sucks, no doubt about it. However, you have to understand that it is bound to happen to anyone, including yourself. There are key ways to deal with rejection, and also learn from it, and surprisingly improve yourself after it happens. In this article, you’ll get to understand how to handle rejection in the simplest way possible, handle rejection as a guy, and as a lady, and also learn of the benefits. 

What is rejection?

A man sitting on a chair, and is dealing with rejection

Rejection is when someone says no to you, turns you down, or doesn’t accept you in some way. It can happen in relationships, friendships, job opportunities, or any situation where you put yourself out there and the outcome isn’t what you hoped for. Rejection can feel tough, but it’s important to remember that it’s a part of life and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It’s more about compatibility, timing, or circumstances. 

Did you know that rejection can lead to personal growth?

Dealing with rejection can lead to personal growth. It can help you become more resilient, learn from the experience, and develop a better understanding of yourself. Overcoming rejection can make you stronger and more prepared for future challenges. How? Because when you’ve been through some hard times, it increases your endurance and confidence, because you came out of it. 

Like why do you think, people who come out of intense training, such as soldiers seem to look like they’re unstoppable? It’s not because they are humanly unstoppable, but because they know what they’ve been through, and it’s increased their mental strength. The same goes with being rejected, it happened, you went through the pain and sadness, took it like a champ and now you’re back. 

 10 tips for coping with rejection 

The process of dealing with rejection is hard, however there are ways to handle being rejected, so you don’t fall off the wagon.

1. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and acknowledge them:

It’s okay to cry, mope around, and just feel everything. Whatever it is you lost was something you wanted, so it’s okay to have down moments. Avoid trying to shrug it off, not feel, or be like “whatever” that’s not the way to go. It’s okay to feel sad about it. 

2. Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling:

Speaking about it with someone you know you can be vulnerable to is also helpful. There’s nothing wrong with talking about how you feel, it’ll help you process more, and feel better.

3. Remind yourself that rejection doesn’t define your worth:

As mentioned above, rejection doesn’t define your worth, it’s just part of an experience, and part of life. Many successful people have all faced rejection in one way or another, however, they never backed down and they didn’t let it define them.

4. Focus on self-care activities that make you feel good:

You lost someone you wanted? Okay well, how about you focus on something you currently have, or love doing, and enjoy it? You can engage in things you know will bring you happiness and peace. It could be a movie night, with your favorite snack, friends, or family. Maybe you love shopping? Or playing video games? Whatever you derive happiness from, do it. 

5. Reflect on what you can learn from the experience:

There is always something to learn from situations, regardless of the type of situation you find yourself in. Remember to REFLECT on it, and not ponder. 

6. Keep things in perspective and remember it’s not the end of the world:

Because it isn’t the end of the world. 

7. Stay positive and practice self-compassion:

Choosing to be harsh or aggressive is not the best way to deal with being rejected. Some people will be like “But I’m not in a good mood or place”. While you can unintentionally lash out at someone, it shouldn’t be used as a coping mechanism. 

8. Engage in activities that boost your mood and confidence:

Are there things you know you’re good at? Things everyone praises you for? Do them. Look even if the rejection is related to your talent, it doesn’t mean you’re not still talented at it! 

9. Set new goals and focus on moving forward:

A new chapter, new page, new goals. What’s past is past, what’s next? Simple as ABC. You can’t live in the past forever and time isn’t going to stop just because things aren’t going fine. 

10. Give yourself time to heal and be patient with yourself:

Don’t rush yourself to feel better, because feeling better comes with time. 

These tips can help you navigate through the challenging emotions that come with rejection. Remember, you’re not alone in feeling this way!


Rejection and new opportunities 

Dealing with rejection can actually open up new opportunities that you may not have considered before. It can push you to explore different paths, try new things, and ultimately lead you to unexpected and exciting opportunities. You confessed to a crush and they didn’t feel the same? Okay, that Doesn’t mean you’re not going to find love again! Unless you choose to believe that you will never love again. 

Rejection can lead to unexpected and exciting paths

Facing rejection can sometimes feel like hitting a roadblock, but it can also be a detour to unexpected and exciting paths. Maybe you wanted to get into Harvard and you didn’t, other schools are waiting for you! 

Being rejected can push you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to explore new options, and ultimately lead you to opportunities you may have never considered otherwise. It’s like a plot twist in your life story that can lead to amazing adventures and growth.

How to deal with rejection as a guy 

Some say men face rejection more, and some say they don’t. Regardless of who faces it and who doesn’t, it’s safe to say that within the circumstances of dating, they face rejection more. Why? Because they are the ones who approach the ladies. This is not to say that some don’t approach guys, however, it is considered rare. 

As a guy, if you ask a girl out, and she tells you no, don’t take it to heart. As it’s much better to be told the truth than to be led on by the person. It’s going to be painful, however, you’re going to have to move on. She’s not the only girl, there are many other people, and you just might find the one!

Dealing with rejection as a lady 

It’s hard to deal with being rejected, however you can overcome it. There are many ways you can get rejected, it can be physically, emotionally, verbally, and so on. For example, being unable to bear children can be a form of rejection, but remember you’re strong and resilient! 

It is hard to go through these situations, however you can overcome them. One way to handle it is by practicing self-care and surrounding yourself with your partner, supportive friends, and family. It’s essential to focus on your worth and not let rejection define you. 


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A message from Medspurs 

Rejection is bound to happen at some point, regardless of your age, gender, background, or whatever. When you understand these things, it’ll help you cope better when it comes. 

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