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15 Reasons Why She Is Being Mean To You & How To Handle It. 

It hurts when the person you care about starts shouting, ignoring you, or being mean, and you don’t know why. Even though we all want a smooth relationship, sometimes things get weird and tricky.

Is your girlfriend suddenly being mean to you without any clear reason?

Whatever the case is, it’s natural to want to know why. You might think that you give your all to your girlfriend and get nothing back, and you’ll only remain upset by it.

Why is your girlfriend acting cold and mean? Is it just a bad mood, or is it her personality? How can you stop this?

The Key Takeaways.

  • It’s quite possible that your girlfriend’s mean behavior isn’t about you. She might just be upset over something else, like personal stress or hormonal changes. Have a conversation with her to understand what’s happening.
  • Be aware of any signs of domestic abuse. It’s rare, but some women become aggressive when they’re upset.

Why Is My Girlfriend So Mean To Me?

Wrong Communication.

When you’re mad at your partner, do you tell them or do you mess up their order on purpose or put up an attitude to send a message? This kind of indirect behavior can make it look like you both can’t stand each other.

This happens when you don’t talk things out because you’re scared of arguing. Simply put, you both need to learn how to communicate better. And if you just end up fighting and not agreeing, you might start ignoring the real issues, which only leads to more trouble down the line.

You’re Growing Apart.

Couples might grow apart if they’re too caught up in work, personal life or family to spend time talking and bonding. 

She’s Stressed.

When someone is overwhelmed by their own issues or outside pressures, they might lose their temper over little things. In these tough times, we might end up being harsh to the people we care about the most.

She’s Poison-Dripping You. 

“Poison-dripping” means slowly hurting someone’s self-esteem with little negative comments. It’s a sneaky way of being abusive in a relationship and should be dealt with as soon as you notice it.

She Has Anger Issues.

Most of the time, this behavior comes from long-standing, unresolved issues. Big mood changes and anger can strain a relationship, so it’s a good idea to suggest that an angry girlfriend see a therapist.

You’re Not Compatible.

If you both view things differently, it’s normal to have some disagreements that might seem mean.

For instance, if you love eating meat and she is a strict vegan, it’s obvious you will clash over your beliefs. She may be wonderful, but the big gap in your views can lead to mean feelings. Even if you try to close the gap, you might find it hard to truly accept each other, leading to mean words and fights.

If her behavior towards you has changed quickly, she might be feeling that you two are incompatible. It’s also possible that she’s lost respect for you and feels she doesn’t have to be nice anymore.

It’s Her Personality.

Could it be that this is just her personality and she prefers more space than you? 

Before you worry and think she’s being mean to you for no reason, think about whether she was like that from the start of the relationship. It’s not about her getting angry quickly; it’s more that you both have different preferences. Or maybe her way of speaking is just that, her way, and she’s not intending to be mean.

You Probably Did Something To Upset Her.

Think back on your past talks and actions to spot a time you might have upset her. It could be subtle, so watch out for things that could have been taken the wrong way. Say sorry and talk about what you think you did wrong.

She’s Misdirecting Her Emotions At You.

It’s common to think we shouldn’t show feelings like anger or sadness, so we hide them behind happier ones. But those hard feelings need to come out somehow. Your girlfriend might find it hard to deal with her upset feelings and might take them out on you by mistake, because she feels emotionally safe with you.

She’s Having Her Period/PMS/Hormonal Issues.

PMS and hormonal issues are a monthly challenge for women, causing emotional ups and downs like anxiety and sadness. It also brings physical pain such as cramps and tiredness. This can make her react strongly sometimes. You can help by offering a warm pad or a massage. But don’t suggest she’s angry because of PMS; wait for her to tell you if that’s the case.

She’s Probably Hangry.

When we don’t eat for a while, our blood sugar drops, and our bodies release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to balance it out. These can make us feel edgy and stressed, which might seem like we’re being mean. 

The best way to deal with this is to eat properly. Prepare a balanced meal with protein (like meats, eggs, dairy, or tofu), complex carbs (such as brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, or veggies), and natural sugars (found in fruits) to stabilize her blood sugar.

She Thinks It’s The Only Way To Get Your Attention.

Some people prefer negative attention over being ignored. If your girlfriend is mean or rude, she might just want a reaction from you. This need for attention can come from not getting enough positive feedback as a child. If she’s acting out for attention, try not to react to the negativity. Instead, give her positive attention when she least expects it.

She’s Considering A Break Up.

Your girlfriend might think the relationship isn’t working but doesn’t know how to say it. So, she’s being mean to push you away, hoping to make a potential breakup less hard. This can lead to hard feelings and not-so-great ways of dealing with sadness. Although breakups hurt, fully experiencing them helps us learn and move on.

She’s Struggling With Her Mental Health.

If your girlfriend starts avoiding her friends and hobbies, has unexplained mood changes, struggles with daily tasks, or can’t keep things tidy, and if her sleep is off, these could be signs of mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

If she’s drinking or smoking a lot, it might be her way of coping with mental health challenges. Be gentle and supportive. If it’s too much for you to handle, suggest she gets help from a professional.

She’s Jealous.

Jealousy might be why your girlfriend is being mean to you. It’s best to talk about it calmly, because a tense confrontation could make things worse.

Her jealousy could come from not trusting you enough or from unclear limits. You need to deal with these harmful habits early on. If she’s very controlling, it can cause problems if you don’t address it. Being possessive just shows that she’s feeling insecure, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for her to be mean to you or treat you poorly.

How Can You Find A Common Ground With Her?

Tell Her You’re Hurt.

Good communication is vital in relationships. It helps remove bad feelings, brings you closer, and lets you express yourself. Have a private chat with your girlfriend and share how you feel about her behavior. Say “I feel” instead of “you do,” and suggest ways to handle the stress together.

Set Healthy Boundaries. 

Setting clear, healthy boundaries is needed for keeping your independence and self-respect. Talk to your girlfriend kindly but clearly state what behavior you won’t accept, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. Make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re blaming her, but stand your ground about not being treated poorly, even if she doesn’t mean to be mean to you.

Try To Declutter Her Mind. 

If trust issues are the problem, work on them together. If she’s under stress, try to help her with what’s bothering her.

It’s likely her anger isn’t about you. If it’s due to something like work or personal issues, help out with tasks that stress her out. Enjoy a meal out to avoid cooking and spend quality time together. Share things that help you relax with her.

You need to know what will actually help her. Don’t just guess; ask her what she needs from you.

It’s Probably Time To End The Relationship.

If you’ve done everything right—talked openly, set clear boundaries, and reduced stress in your lives but your girlfriend is still mean for no good reason, it may be time to end the relationship. Choose a quiet moment to be alone with her and calmly explain why you need to break up.

Give Her Some Space Or Ask For Some.

Sometimes,she can act out because she needs some alone time, and if you’re not giving her that space, she might create it by being distant or mean. If every chat turns into a fight, taking a break can really help.

Not all problems have to be fixed right away. If you feel you need some space, just say so and explain why. Use that time to cool off and think clearly.

When you’re ready to talk again, if she’s still upset or not ready to chat, give her space. Let her know you’re waiting for her to reach out when she’s ready to talk things through. That way, she knows you’re open to communication when she is.

You Might Need Firmer Boundaries.

Eventually, you have to stand up for yourself. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on her mood swings. If you’re being mistreated, know that tolerating it will lead to more problems later. Make sure you’re not in a harmful relationship and that your partner’s anger is reasonable to you.

A woman who offers constructive criticism and one who always criticizes you are different. And you need to be able to tell which one she is. If you’re in a toxic relationship, tell her your needs. Being insecure or stressed doesn’t excuse her from repeatedly putting you down. If she truly cares for you, she’ll see her mistakes and make the needed changes.

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