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How I’m Managing My Crippling Anxiety/Panic Attacks.

Anxiety/panic attacks… I think the simplest way to describe them is… you know that jolt you feel when think you’re about to trip down the stairs or when you almost tip over in your chair. 

It’s that sudden rush of worry that hits you for a moment. Yes. It’s that feeling. 


I remember having my first big scare at 12. I thought I was just frustrated or nervous.

Before, I’d felt my heart race and my mind worry, especially when life got too busy. But this was different. It also felt like I couldn’t control my body’s reaction to the stress, and it made me feel stuck.

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I didn’t want to tell anyone I was having a hard time. I was tired from acting like everything was fine so I wouldn’t bother anyone. It became hard to feel safe, which stopped me from really living my life.

It took a long time to accept that I needed help. Sadly, it’s still not easy for everyone to get the mental health support they need.

Hey, do you get these anxiety/panic attacks? What’s it like for you? Have you found ways to calm yourself down? Or are you getting help from a doctor or therapist?

I kept having these anxiety/panic attacks, so I started looking for reasons why. I found out my triggers. More than that, I also learned it was okay to feel this way.

With my boyfriend, I didn’t need to explain my feelings. I didn’t even need to make any sense. They were real because I felt them. I also understood that being gentle with myself when the anxiety/panic attacks set in helped.

Are you dealing with anxiety/panic attacks quietly? If you’ve been afraid to talk about what you’re going through, I get it. I’m also sorry.

But I can tell you, things do get better. Sharing what we’re going through helps us find kindness, understanding, and a way to feeling better. You don’t have to keep it to yourself.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I managed to beat my anxiety/panic attacks. Maybe what I’ve figured out for handling mine could give you some clues for yours?

It’s not that now I never get anxious; it’s just that now, when I start to feel it, I know how to handle it right away. Also, I’d say panicking isn’t necessarily bad, but when it’s intense and non-stop, it becomes a real issue.

I’m not sure if my anxiety will ever hit hard again. It most likely would..

For now, I’m keeping track of what worked for me. At least, it’s worked up to this point. And I also hope they can help you as well.

How I’ve Managed My Crippling Anxiety/Panic Attacks And How You Can Too.


Writing is therapeutic. It is a great habit I’ve started. You can write your feelings public articles or keep a journal. Writing really helps me manage my anxiety.

When odd thoughts keep buzzing in my head, I write them down, think them over, and work through them. Then, I can let them go.

I also avoid dwelling on things too much. If you’re upset about something, spill it all in your journal. It will really spare you a lot of trouble and stress.

Tackle Your Issues Right Away and Make It A Habit.

Avoiding things can actually make you panic more. It’s like not dealing with a pile of dirty laundry. You might not see it, but you know it’s there, getting worse and attracting bugs. And when you finally wash it, it’s a bigger task than if you’d just done it earlier.

So, to handle anxiety/panic attacks better, face the things you’ve been avoiding. Have those difficult talks and make those hard choices now, not later. It’ll help you move forward.

Cutting People Off Is A Must.

I had to say goodbye to many friends. I care about them a lot, and I think they cared about me too.

But being social was making me too anxious. I tried to fix it but couldn’t. So I had to stop seeing most of my friends and I stopped using social media.

I was always restless and worried. It’s hard to walk away from people and things you love, but sometimes they’re what stress you out the most. You have to be brave enough to let them go.

I Stopped Going To School.

I’m not saying you should quit school.

But let’s be real, how much is your school or job making you unhappy? How much are they contributing to your misery? What can you do to change that? What steps have you taken?

I really enjoyed school and worked super hard to be the best in my class. But it was too much for me. The pressure was too much. It caused me a lot of stress. I still think about leaving school, but I don’t regret it.

I Made A Dos and Don’ts Morning Routine. 

How I start my day really sets the tone for the rest of it. So, I decided to be more intentional about my mornings.

I wrote down a list of things to do and not to do. It works. Try it! 

Exercise Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Mental Health.

Exercise might feel weird and painful and strange at first, especially if you’re not used to it.

But I found that when I exercised, it burned off a lot of the energy that was fueling my anxiety/panic attacks.

After working out, I feel calm and full of life. Working out is one of the best things for your mind. It keeps me feeling great all day.

Anxiety/panic attacks and overthinking use up a lot of your energy. But if you spend that energy on something good, like exercise, you won’t have any left to panic!

Accept Things The Way They Are.

Thinking too much about negative stuff doesn’t help with anxiety/panic attacks. Some people believe that overthinking means you’re smart, so they keep doing it.

It’s a lie. A very hard lie.

It’s better to quickly accept things as they are and try to solve the problem if you can. Seriously, has overthinking ever helped you solve anything?

Think About Changing Yourself. Not The World.

A big part of handling my anxiety/panic attacks was to stop fixating on all the bad in the world and what’s wrong with others.

You need to stop worrying about why people don’t understand you or why they’ll never do. You’ll end up stressing yourself out.

When you rely on others acting right for your own happiness, it doesn’t work. You can’t force change; you can only encourage it by how you treat yourself.

Now, I just work on myself. I’m also learning that it’s okay not to be perfect; I focus on getting better bit by bit. Just like James Clear said in his book Atomic Habits.

I Began To Serve Others.

I managed to do this by finding what’s important and meaningful to me.

Before, I was just existing. But now, with clear goals to help others’ mental health, I’m too busy to spend much time on worries that aren’t important.

I Put Value On My Attention.

You are what you give importance to.

By watching where I put my attention and learning to shift it, I’ve gotten better at choosing what to concentrate on. 

What’s next? I do just that. If you make your time and attention valuable, make an effort not to linger on bad thoughts, you’ll be able to manage those anxiety/panic attacks.

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